Time To Say GoodBye
As we complete around 5 years of a beautiful relationship with more than 1,50,000 of our customers, it's time to look back...

Here's a brief account of how e-matrimonial.in was born and brought up...

24 March 2010 - The third and the youngest child of a father was married. The father reflected back on all the years gone by. He realized how difficult it was to find a good matrimonial match for each of his 3 children - the online sites were full of non-serious, outdated data, while the newspaper had its own challanges - small font, typing error in email addresses, dependency on Sundays, localized (rather than Global) content and so on...

Hence an idea was born with a very clear vision - to provide a one-stop shop for all the serious matrimony match seekers - all the profiles from all over the world under one roof - the best of both worlds - the convenience and ease of access of the web and the seriousness of the newspaper. He decided to jump into the idea and get it developed by funding it all by himself - not for any profit but to give the society a tool that ease their life.

26 January 2011 - www.e-matrimonial.in was born and the dreams of a father had taken flight. He decided to keep it free as much as possible, and hence it allowed unlimited access to all the profiles, unlimited mailing completely FREE of cost. Even posting of profiles was free for most part (upto 200 characters, after which a very nominal fee was charged).

The aim was never to earn anything out of it, but some basic funds were required to keep it running, to maintain the staff, the servers and so on. The owner believed that once people understand the concept, they will opt for paid ads as well.

4 years down the line, the concept is loved by hundreds of thousands of people in 1581 cities across 99 countries. However, most of the people opted for the FREE ad. 

Having run out of funds to sustain the social cause, we are left with no option but to shut down e-matrimonial.in.

You have been an incredible member of e-matrimonial family, and we intend to Thank You with all our heart for being with us and liking our services.

Thanks a ton

Have a beautiful day ahead.

e-matrimonial team.

For any feeback, questions, comments, please write to us at: admin@e-matrimonial.in